Web Project Consultant

Web Project Consultant

Today, manager of a big web project called and informed me that I have been chosen as their web project consultant!

The project is not started yet and they are collecting and analyzing market data right now. As I know, beta version of their website will be up and running about October 2014.

The project subject is food and diet. Although there are too many projects with this subject all around the world, it seems that the investors have found something new and exclusive that makes the site different.

food and diet

I am not allowed to say the project name and details before running the beta version. In the first phase they are thinking about 5000 unique visitors a day. I am sure it is an achievable aim, what do you think?

I know the exact amount of money that they are going to spend on web developing, graphic design, SEO and advertisement, but I’d really like to know your estimated budget in comments.

Thank you

I will write about the project as soon as their website be active.

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