Tehran POI

In our last GPS map we had limited number of POIes , but now we are going to add Shopping Centers, Cinemas and some other possible objects on the Tehran GPS map. Next version of the map will be ready about 10 days after now, the new GPS map will be announced here and in www.mapshop.ir. Current customers have good discount for newer versions.

tehran and iran vector maps going to be online

Safir Naghsheh Negar Co. and MemNav Co. signed an agreement to publish GIS maps online on the net. In this cooperation Safir Naghsheh Negar will develop a web site to show maps online. This site will let visitors to join, add their POI es online. Visitors can even publish their POIes with a little fee. MemNav Co. will produce all vector maps and will publish public POIes that people has been added to its GPS maps. Now MemNav Co. sells some valuable GPS maps on www.mapshop.ir .

Arabian Gulf

Yesterday I received 10s of SMS about a new fake name : Arabian Gulf ! Google Maps and Google Earth has been used Both Persian Gulf and Arabian Gulf on their maps. I searched Arabian Gulf and I found a good link: http://arabian-gulf.info/ I have better solution, we should publish Middle East maps for free and send them to people all around the world for free.

mapshop.ir Maps VS Google Earth roads

I compared Google Earth roads with our GPS maps, I loaded both of them on my PC Google Earth program. ( I made a KML from our GPS map and loaded it to Google Earth) I wondered that Google Earth roads layer is not good at all for Tehran. See below picture , the yellow lines are our GPS ready map , compare it with light yellow and withe lines (Google Roads). It seems Google needs more help for this layer for Tehran. We are ready to help 🙂 Buy high quality maps from http://www.mapshop.ir  

GPS phones

There are about 54 GPS phones on the market that have built-in GPS . So GPS in current year will be one of  general abilities that people can use it like a built-in cam and …. Some models name that have built-in GPS : Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia E90 Nokia N82 Nokia 6110 Navigator HTC TyTN II HTC Touch Cruise Motorola Q 9h O2 XDA Orbit HTC P3300 HTC Advantage X7500 Samsung i780 BlackBerry 8800 Siemens SXG75 HTC P3600 HP iPAQ hw6915 BlackBerry Curve 8310 Asus P535 Eten glofiish M700 i-mate Ultimate 9502 BlackBerry 8830 World Edition HP iPAQ hw6515 BlackBerry 8820 BenQ-Siemens P51 Eten glofiish X800 Samsung i560 Samsung i550 Eten glofiish X500 Mitac MIO A701 Eten

Birthday Gift

Yesterday I was in office up to 8:30 pm. When I decided to leave the office I understood that apartment manager was absent and entrance door and car parking door were locked! I called the number that he has gave me for emergency issues, but no one was at the phone! I was in the middle of huge problem. Suddenly I saw a man smoking out, in the side walk, I knocked the window but he did not hear me! I knocked harder, he saw me and came near the window,l asked him to inform the restaurant manager in our neighborhood, he did and after seconds the restaurant manager was there! He told me that in 10th floor there is