Looking for a good web hosting to move

Last year www.resellerclub.com forced me to move my domains and webs from their servers just because I am Iranian. Some of my personal web sites were there from 2006, finding a good web hosting provider in limited time was really awful.

I moved my brother, my wife and mine sites to an Iranian web hosting company. At first every thing was OK, but step by step their services quality changed, and now after about one year, I am completely disappointment, everyday their server goes out of service. I contacted them but they have no convincing answer. The company site is www.serverpars.com

Because of the worst quality that I have ever experienced, I am looking for :
Linux web hosting for about 20 web sites, most of them WordPress, I prefer Cpanel for controlling sites and apps. My current traffic is about 1000 unique visitors.

I have loosed my Google rank because of site outage everyday. I am really worry about mine and my family sites.

These days I am in Iran and I have no MasterCard or Visa card, I can pay with webmoney or ask my friends in other countries to pay.

Your suggestions and help will be deeply appreciated.


  1. Seems problems never get the end, now in 2017, Resello is forcing Iranian customers to move their services to another company !!!

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