Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary

The “Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary” test site is available on This picture dictionary contains some languages and is developing by an active team of languages and cultures lovers. I have been on consultant team and now I try to introduce this test site by social media. SmarterTech (the project owner and developer) idea for this project is: If people know more about others language and culture, they will understand each others more and this will cause decrease of regional and international conflicts. Please keep your fingers crossed for this aim. Thank you

1000 daily visitors

1000 daily visitors up to march 2016

I know that having a real challenge will cause that I enjoy from my life, always should be something to fight for. I knew that I have not written on my weblog for a while, and unfortunately, recently I just used social media to write and publish my notes and pictures. Recently I seldom write about my hobbies and job activities. As tomorrow is not promised to anyone, So I am going to publish at least 3 posts per week. I hope the new procedure helps me to have about 1000 daily visitors instead of current 10-15 visitors up to March 2016.

Silent Mode

There are some days and some time that you have many ideas in your mind and like to do them, but you are too busy with daily tasks and you can not. Maybe you find some free time but your mind is not enough to calm to think. Seems that you are like a Formula One car in a race that even in checkpoints you are not allowed to turn off your engine. BUT some time there is no way except to say “go to hell” and no matter what will be happened then! You need to silent I have some big ideas and now I want to go on a trip and spend my time with my family and

robots traffic

Advertisement system and search engine robots

Last week I re-activated my old advertisement system on one of our company high traffic sites. And after one day I understood that number of views and clicks are not normal, I mean they were 10 times higher than I expected. When I checked the site raw logs, unexpectedly I found about 80% of the site traffic belonged to search engine robots and crawlers!!! Not only famous American ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo but also Russian Yandex, Chinese Baidu and Iranian Yooz were very active on the site. There were two solution to solving the problem: 1. Blocking search engines traffic and preventing their robots and crawlers to indexing my site, an expert knows this action means suicide !!!

Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto Series

Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto Series There are many Leica Disto Series users inside Iran and Afghanistan that can not use English Manual for these kind of Laser measurement products. Now these customers can purchase Farsi User Manual for these products from below links. If you can not pay by Iran Rial , please don’t hesitate to contact me I will send you Bitcoin or Paypal bill to pay. After payment confirmed, you will receive files in your email. Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto D2 Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto D210 Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto X310 Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto D510 Farsi User Manual for Leica Disto D810  These user manuals has been