English cafe

English Cafe is not a physical place, it is a monthly or weekly event that is hosted by a physical cafe. People who like to be in a friendly meeting and talk in English for 2 hours can join English Cafe’s events. Attendants’ English language skill is not important at all, but if they are intermediate or higher (advanced or native) will enjoy more. Attending this event (English Cafe) is completely free (up to 31st March 2018). Attendants only pay the coffee, tea or any other things they eat or drink during the meeting to the host cafe or coffee shop. The next English Cafe event will be informed via social media and the English Cafe site: www.EnglishCafe.xyz 

non-smoking cafes

Non-Smoking Cafes

However smoking in cafes and restaurants is forbidden in Iran, but still, there are many coffee shops and cafes that you can find an ashtray on their tables. This means they let their customers smoke there! Some cafes have special parts for smokers, smokers are allowed to smoke there. But I am talking about non-smoking cafes, the lovely places that you can enjoy coffee and cocoa smell instead of the annoying smell of cigarette. As some people use the lovely FourSquare software on their mobile phone, so I  have created an editable list of non-smoking cafes in Iran there. Please, kindly visit it and add the cafe that is really non-smoking. http://nonsmoking.cafe Your help will be appreciated with good smell

This site needs your help

Today, I published the above picture “this site needs your help” to my Instagram account to ask my followers support my web site. As Instagram is an easy to use application and many people all around the world have it on their mobile phones, so each good picture will collect 10s or 100s even millions of likes in few hours. Unfortunately adding links to Instagram posts is not possible! I am glad to inform you that this request has collected 6 likes in 30 minutes, I predict that this picture would collect more than 50 likes in next 24 hours (about 60% of the average number of likes on my photos posted on Instagram). Thank you, dear followers! Anyway, as I

Online Shop removed

It was a hard decision, but I had no cure except removing Online Shop from my personal site. Managing a multilingual site in WordPress is not as easy as I was thinking at first. More than 2 years I had used qTranslateX for this purpose and I have had many unexpected problems with it. Finally, I decided to use WPML, migrating to WPML was a very hard process and after I thought that everything is OK, I found more than 6000 unwanted categories in my Woocommerce shop! Removing these unwanted categories was something possible, but I think handling a multilingual online shop with open source tools like WordPress and Woocommerce need someone to work full time on them. As I

Recording birds sounds

Today I started to record birds sounds by my new portable recorder Zoom H6. This is not just a hobby for me, as I know birders can identify birds by sounds too. In my last birding trip, I saw expert bird watchers that were able to detect sounds easily and find birds by their sounds very fast. I am going to upload the sounds that I record to Xeno-Canta site [Sharing bird sounds from around the world] . Here is my public profile there http://www.xeno-canto.org/contributor/LVRQSWTJCZ It is my pleasure if you check it sometime and put your comments there.

URL Shortener

Sometime in Iran we should re-invent the wheel! Unexpectedly I understood that none of my “bit.ly” Short URL don’t work because this site is blocked by Iran government. For a while I used goo.gl ,but bit.ly gives customers more professional services like hosted domain name. Finally I decided to set my personal URL Shortener, I chose sml.yt for domain name and installed specified software for it. Hope everything be OK now. Why we should use an URL Shortener? There are 5 reasons on (http://sml.yt/o) 1. They make links more manageable 2. They can track and compile click data 3. They can be transformed into social media services 4. They can provide users useful features 5. They promote sharing I am

MyCamTalks Team Photo Blog

Yesterday I installed MyCamTalks.com team photo blog in English and Persian. I uploaded some photos and their comments there. This photo blog has been created by Javaneh Azimi and I, in order to have a better communication with people all around the world. We strongly believe that Instagram and other social media cannot cover our needs, however, we will continue to upload and share our contents there, but complete contents and big size photos will be uploaded to this site only. We (current and new site members) will upload daily photos there, there is no limitation about the subjects and location of photos, but photos will be taken by the members. So you should except many original photos there.

Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary

The “Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary” test site is available on www.picturedictionary.info. This picture dictionary contains some languages and is developing by an active team of languages and cultures lovers. I have been on consultant team and now I try to introduce this test site by social media. SmarterTech (the project owner and developer) idea for this project is: If people know more about others language and culture, they will understand each others more and this will cause decrease of regional and international conflicts. Please keep your fingers crossed for this aim. Thank you