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I have 10s of active domains but some of my domains are ready to sale Please view the domains for sale domain list here Please put your offers via

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Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary

The “Online Multilingual Picture Dictionary” test site is available on This picture dictionary contains some languages and is developing by an active team of languages and cultures lovers. I have been on consultant team and now I try to introduce this test site by social media. SmarterTech (the project owner and developer) idea for this project is: If people know more about others language and culture, they will understand each others more and this will cause decrease of regional and international conflicts. Please keep your fingers crossed for this aim. Thank you

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Liana Italian Restaurant

Liana Italian Restaurant beta web site is active now. People who lives in eastern part of Tehran can order online via: Site is active in Persian and English now and in coming week some other feature will be added to it.

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طبق از برنامه از قبل تعیین شده در سایت و امروز و فردا نسبت به حذف اکانت کاربران غیر فعال اقدام می شود. طبق برآورد اولیه اکانت 14753 کاربر غیر فعال از سیستم پاک خواهد شد. کاربران غیر فعال به کسانی اطلاق می شود که روند تایید ایمیل خود را طی نکرده اند یا طی یکسال گذشته به هیچ یک از سایت های عضو وارد نشده اند. پس از این مرحله روند تایید شماره های موبایل با ارسال SMS حاوی کد امنیتی اجرا خواهد شد. تغییرات فوق در راستای بهیود کیفیت و بالا بردن سرعت پشتیبانی در مجموعه…

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1000 daily visitors up to march 2016

I know that having a real challenge will cause that I enjoy from my life, always should be something to fight for. I knew that I have not written on my weblog for a while, and unfortunately, recently I just used social media to write and publish my notes and pictures. Recently I seldom write about my hobbies and job activities. As tomorrow is not promised to anyone, So I am going to publish at least 3 posts per week. I hope the new procedure help me to have about 1000 daily visitors instead of current 10-15 visitors up to…

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Silent Mode

There are some days and some time that you have many idea in your mid and like to do them, but you are too busy by daily tasks and you can not. Maybe you find some free time but your mind is not enough calm to think. Seems that you are like a Formula one car in a race that even in check points you are not allowed to turn off your engine. BUT some time there is no way except to say “go to hell” and no matter what will be happened then ! You need to silent I…

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Iran Map Story Part 2

This is a real story about Iran map, I will write it in English too, when Persian part finished. Iran Map Story Part 2 Please view Persian version